Filmography of Arūnas Matelis

 As a film director

"Before Flying Back to the Earth” 
(52 min , 2005, 35mm, colour)

 "SUNDAY. The Gospel According to lift-man Albertas”        
(19 min., 2003, 35mm, colour) 

"Flight over Lithuania or 510 seconds of silence"      
(10 min., 2000, 35mm, colour, co-directed A. Stonys) 

"The diary of forced emigration"
(20min., 1999, video, b/w) 

"First farewell to Paradise"
(15 min., 1998, 35mm, b/w) 

"From unfinished tales of Jerusalem"
(26 min., 1996, 35mm, b/w) 

(10 min., 1993, 35mm, b/w) 

"Ten minutes before the flight of Icarus"
(10 min., 1991, 35mm, colour) 

"Baltic way"
(10 min., 1989, 35mm, b/w, co-directed A. Stonys) 

"Giants of Pelesa" 
(10 min., 1989, 35mm, b/w. final thesis)
As a film producer
“UB LAMA”, by Eglė Vertelytė                            
(2011, 50 min, video co-prod. Wostok)
“Confession”, by. Oksana Buraja                    
(2008, 32 min., together with Lukas Trimonis)
“Man – Horse”, by. Audrius Mickevičius          
(2008, 52 min., video, together with Luku Trimoniu, co-prod. MDR,YLE)
“Before Flying Back to the Earth”, by Arunas Matelis                    
(2005, 52 min., video, co-prod. TagTraum)
“SUNDAY. The Gospel According to lift-man Albertas”,  by. Arunas Matelis
(2003, 19 min., 35mm)
“Fateful Meeting”, by Domantas Vildžiūnas  
(2001, 15 min., video)
“Chronicles of the last Curonian”, by Andrius Trukanas               
(2001, 10 min., video)
“Alone”, by. Audrius Stonys                              
(2001, 16 min., b/w, 35mm, together with A.Stoniu)
“Flight over Lithuania or 510 Seconds of Silence”, by A.Matelis and Audrius Stonys (2000, 8 min., video)
“Didn’t Come”, by Henrikas Šablevičius (1999, 20 min., 35mm)
“Condemned to Death”, by. Henrikas Šablevičius                        
(1999, 104 min., video)
“The diary of forced emigration", by. Arūnas Matelis     
(1999, 22 min., video)
“First farewell to Paradise”, by Arūnas Matelis     
(1998, 15 min., 35mm)
“From unfinished tales of Jerusalem”, by. Arūnas Matelis           
(1996, 26 min., 35mm)
“Beyond”, by Romas Lileikis (1995, 70 min., b/w, 35mm) 
Five Short Stories About Stasys”, by V.V.Landsbergis                   
(1994, 20 min., 35mm)
“Republic of Perloja”, by V. V. Landsbergis    
(1993, 18 min., 35mm)
“Self-portrait”, by Arūnas Matelis
(1993, 10 min., j/b, 35mm) 
“Hell”, by. V.V.Landsbergis
(1992, 10 min., 35mm)
Good day - God dag by Henrikas Šablevičius                    
(1992, 28 min., 35mm)
“In the Grave Pit”, by Gediminas Skvarnavičius 
“The Killing of Bird”, by V. V. Landsbergis

“To Be So”, by Donatas Pirštelis

“Portrait in Profile”, by A.Liorančas


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Flight Over Lithuania or 510 Seconds of Silence

The film features an incredibly low angel’s flight over the dunes of Nida, Trakai castle, the lakes of Aukstaitija (Highlands), the roofs of the Old Town of Vilnius and the fantastically beautiful church steeples.

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